Our Negative Self-Image

It's so easy, when someone gives us a compliment, to brush it off or diminish it in some way. Some of us can barely manage a “Thanks”; others might be able to say “Thank you” but follow it with a self-deprecating line.

Why are we diminishing ourselves by not acknowledging the compliment?

Why are we not letting something in, something positive and powerful about ourselves?

Perhaps it's because if we let that compliment in, we might have to change something about how we perceive ourselves.

We might have to allow ourselves to receive that compliment and set it as a standard to live up to and be proud of.

It is much easier to shut down someone else’s positive view of ourselves than to receive even the possibility that our negative self-image might, in fact, be wrong.

Yet without allowing others to recognise our greatness, how can we expect to leave a legacy in this world?

In the spirit of acknowledging all that is good about ourselves, send me your reply or leave a comment with your response to the following:

“What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?”

I’ll share my answer next time.

Bye friends,


From the last issue, my phrase to sum up the last 18 months is “It’s Okay”. Because even when it felt that it would never be, it already was. Thank you for your responses to the question, and applause for Gemma’s phrase: “A Fucking EPOCH”. Yes mate!

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