The Sound of a Comedy 'Boiiing'

*working quietly at beautiful mahogany desk*

*looks up, surprised*

Oh, hello - I didn’t see you there.

I’ve been hiding from the world / taking some time out from social media since late October 2020. I sure needed it. A pal said to me: “You could tell which people had the stressful jobs during lockdown; they stopped communicating.” Yep, that was me. Occasionally I would do the digital equivalent of popping my head round the doorway and yelling “I’m fine!”, followed by the sound of crashing plates and a comedy ‘boiiing’.

Anyway, I am fine, and I am alive, and I have managed to make my way through what my colleague described as “truly the worst year in our teaching careers” without totally losing it. I just couldn’t do that and try to give a damn about people’s Instagram personalities or drag myself onto the laptop each week to write about something that, in the face of the pandemic, seemed utterly trite.

To celebrate my digital re-presencing, I was interviewed by strategic advisor, change catalyst and wonderful friend Garry Turner for an episode of Right Here Right Now Live, in a free-wheeling, intuitive way with some magic outcomes. It’s about 40 minutes and totally follow-able if you just want to listen rather than watching.

There are some changes I want to make to this newsletter now I am more present, so I trust you will bear with me and take the opportunity to explore where it goes. You can unsubscribe at any time, but I encourage you to stick around and see what you learn.

Enough about me: how have you been? What’s been happening in your world? I mean, it’s been A Year, right? What’s the craic?

Send me your reply or leave a comment with your answer to the following:

“If you could sum up your last 12 months in one phrase, what would it be?”

I’ll share mine next time.

Bye friends