Enjoying The Process

There's no point achieving loads of things if the journey to get there is absolutely rubbish.

You need to enjoy the process, wherever you're going, and to let go of the requirement for it to look a certain way at the end.

There’s nothing wrong with having a ‘vision’ of your legacy - in fact, it helps you stay on track and make better decisions. But rather than trust the innate blurriness of the vision, we try to paint a photo-realistic picture in our heads of the perfect outcome.

We want it to be just so because we live in a world of tangible, material things and of surface impressions. But our experience of life is not on the surface; it runs deep.

Enjoying the journey to your legacy is a matter of letting yourself be a vessel.

Letting your skills and knowledge work through you, letting go of control, creating the path as you are walking it.

It’s not thinking you need to know what you need to say before you say it; it’s speaking directly from the heart.

Send me your reply with your response to the following:

“What journey are you really enjoying right now?”

I’ll share my answer next time.

Bye friends,


From the last issue, the best compliment I’ve ever received (that I feel at the moment) was being called a force of nature. I had a wonderful reply from Jon about how thinking of received compliments helped him see his work in a new light. But not a lot of other replies! Was it hard to think of a compliment? Did you feel too shy or boastful to share? An interesting one to reflect on …

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